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ETCS Installation Project Milestone

20 Feb 2023 Monday

European Train Control System project sees first components fitted in the tender locker.

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As part of the development of the national rail network, the deployment of digital signalling has been authorised on the East Coast Main Line from Kings Cross. From 2026, all trains on the route will need to be fitted with ETCS to...

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Stockton & Darlington Railway...

7 Feb 2023 Tuesday

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An award from The National Lottery Heritage Fund will enable redevelopment of heritage buildings as well as a community engagement programme to celebrate the Stockton and Darlington Railway (S&DR). The award of £3,211,632, made...

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Boiler overhaul progress at DLW

13 Jan 2023 Friday

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Since its arrival back at Darlington Locomotive Works (DLW), Tornado's boiler has been subject to much activity with the replacement of many of the overhauled fittings and a start made on recladding the cleaned and painted boiler...

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Further progress - July

22 July 2022

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Steady progress continues to be made on multiple fronts to ensure that the locomotive is ready for the return of the wheelsets and boiler.

Overhaul progress - July

18 July 2022

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An update from Locomotive Maintenance Services

Overhaul Extended

30 June 2022

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Tornado is currently undergoing a scheduled major overhaul, something that was planned for completion in June. Unfortunately, due to the impact of covid-19 on industry and manufacturing in...

Spring 2022

31 May 2022

The Communication Cord, The Communication Cord, The Communication Cord

Introducing 21st Century Steam...

25 May 2022

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The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust is delighted to introduce the new name for its railtours business: 21st Century Steam Ltd.

Overhaul over-run explained

13 May 2022

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Tornado’s overhaul programme is running slightly later than expected. This is focussed in three main areas. The boiler will be back around the end of May, rather than the beginning....