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Tornado Moves to the Great Central

24 May 2024 Friday

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On 23rd May, Tornado left the Locomotive Maintenance Services (LMS) works bound for the Great Central Railway (GCR).  Following arrival at the railway, there have been a number of small finishing and snagging jobs to complete, but...

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Welding Work Complete

21 May 2024 Tuesday

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We are pleased to report that the welding activity on the boiler of Tornado has been completed and a successful hydraulic test passed to the satisfaction of the inspector. Final reassembly continues with the cab refitted on Monday...

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Welder Shortage Delays A1 Return

10 May 2024 Friday

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Over the last month the situation has been fluid, as happens with many projects as they reach their conclusion. There have been many variations to the plan, making updates before this time difficult as they would have risked being out of date as...

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November ETCS update

15 December 2023

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A further visit to LMS enabled completion of a number of outstanding electrical tasks, including: Fitting a protective cover to the cable joints between the inside front left lighting frame...

Peter Townend - a tribute

11 December 2023

Our Latest News, Our Latest News

Shortly after the 2023 Convention we heard the sad news that Peter Townend, one of our Vice-Presidents, had died at the age of 98.  Peter’s involvement with the Trust dates to the first...

Autumn 2023

09 December 2023

The Communication Cord, The Communication Cord, The Communication Cord

Tornado Tyre Turning at Toton

27 November 2023

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As the overhaul of No. 60163 Tornado draws to a close the locomotive has taken the short trip from LMS' workshop at Loughborough to nearby Toton. This is to allow access to the wheel lathe,...

No. 60163 Tornado Update

09 November 2023

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At the end of September, Tornado's boiler left Darlington Locomotive Works headed for Locomotive Maintenance Services (LMS) in Loughborough. On arrival, the ashpan was fitted beneath the...

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust...

24 October 2023

Tornado, Our Latest News

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (A1SLT), the charity who built and operate new steam locomotive No.60163 Tornado and are now nearing completion of a brand new P2 Class locomotive, Prince of Wales,...