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Building Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive – come and join us

In 1934 Sir Nigel Gresley and the London North Eastern Railway unveiled a new powerful express passenger locomotive for use in Scotland. This massive locomotive was named Cock o’ the North and was extensively trialled in the UK before further testing in France. The design was ahead of its time and this led to some problems that were never fully resolved, a factor in the decision to rebuild the locomotives as Pacifics during WW2. Now, that unfinished development work is being completed using 21st Century design and manufacturing technology. To be named Prince of Wales, the new P2 Class locomotive will operate across the UK and justify the claims that the original Gresley design was Britain’s most powerful passenger steam locomotive.

Support the Trust

Get on board with us for as little as the price of a pint or a cup of coffee. To complete the building of Prince of Wales we rely on fundraising so the build can continue in our Darlington Works. Whether it be a large component like the locomotive boiler, or a smaller item such as a bracket, the project is funded by a large group of people contributing a small amount each month.

Contributions from our supporters ensure that Prince of Wales will be completed in the next few years and to go on to operate on the national rail network for decades to come.

Prince of Wales’ Statistics








Due to steam

CAD Render


No. 2007 Prince of Wales cylinders will be in a welded monobloc, meaning all three cylinders in the one fabrication. Find out more and contribute to this vital component.


Injectors are complex components which feed the cold water from the tender into the hot, pressurised boiler. The overcome the boiler pressure by using a series of converging and diverging cones, giving the water energy with a feed of steam from the boiler. Is it witchcraft? No, just a complicated bit of physics! Read more and help us fund the injectors.


The engine cannot run without a tender. The large tank holds the water to feed the boiler, and the space above will be piled with coal for the fire. The tender also houses a lot of the electronic equipment for safety on the modern railway. Could you help fund the Tender?


The boiler is the beating heart of a steam locomotive and to keep the construction of No. 2007 Prince of Wales on schedule for completion within the next three years we ordered the boiler in June 2019 for delivery in 2022. We have raised 80% of the cost of the boiler. Could you help us reach our target?



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