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Dedicated Donations

How to sponsor a component of Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive with a Dedicated Donation

The Dedicated Donations scheme is a unique opportunity for existing supporters of The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust – including those supporting No. 60163 Tornado – to be associated with a component of No. 2007 Prince of Wales and to help accelerate the completion of the locomotive.

Just as with No. 60163 Tornado, supporters will have the satisfaction of seeing the part paid for when the new Gresley class P2 enters service.

We launched the Dedicated Donations Scheme in 2014 and it has already raised over £400,000 – which has far surpassed the total amount raised from a similar scheme towards the construction costs of Tornado. Dedicated Donations range in price from one of over 1,000 driven bolts & nuts for £30 to a driving wheel for £12,000 – an ideal present for the railway enthusiast in your family or just something for yourself to support.

Supporters who subscribe to the scheme receive these special benefits:

  • Name inscribed on the official roll of honour at Darlington Locomotive Works listing the components sponsored
  • Receive a certificate recording the sponsorship and an A4 copy drawing of the component.

You can download the Dedicated Donations leaflet here.

Examples of the components available to sponsor include:

  • A ‘drag box wing plate left-hand rolling and profiling’ for £50
  • The Frame stay between inner and outer rear frames RH polystyrene pattern for £300 (or £12.50 for 24 months)
  • One of the 18 spokes of the 6ft2in driving wheels for either £600 (or £25pm for 24 months)

You can view further examples of components available to sponsor here.

New components available for sponsorship will become available as construction progresses. The Dedicated Donation scheme has already raised in excess of £400,000 since it was launched in 2014.  To secure your chosen component contact the Dedicated Donations team (Mark & Mandy Grant) on  In addition Facebook subscribers can follow the Dedicated Donations page for the ‘component of the week’ here.

Some of the many components available for sponsorship – David Elliott