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Summer 2023

29 Sep 2023 Friday

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The Communication Cord, The Communication Cord, The Communication Cord


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P2 Boiler Latest

25 Sep 2023 Monday

News Editor

Our Latest News


The first of the new boilers, intended for No. 2007 Prince of Wales, is due to be delivered this autumn. Our team, lead by Chairman Steve Davies, were in Germany in early september to meet with DB Meiningen to discuss progress.  As the...

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Supporters' Open Day

5 Sep 2023 Tuesday

News Editor

Our Latest News, Our Latest News


Over 200 people came along to the very first Open Day at the new Darlington Locomotive Works on Saturday 5th August. Supporters and their guests braved torrential rain to get the first look at the inside of the new home for the Trust. Chairman,...

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Prince of Wales progress -...

01 December 2014

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Design work has been concentrated in two areas; drawing and modification of the cab to comply with the reduction in overall height from 13' 1" to 13' as was done with Tornado to ensure the widest...

Hornby's P2 model available...

19 November 2014

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Rumour has it that these models are getting hard to come by.  You can still order yours here.  

Crack British loco - "Cock o'...

15 November 2014

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Along with the construction of Prince of Wales much work goes on behind the scenes looking at the history of the original locomotives. This December sees the 80th anniversary since the original P2...

October/November 2014

11 November 2014

Mikado Messenger

Access to Darlington Locomotive...

31 October 2014

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Darlington Locomotive Works:  We have a problem with folk turning up at the works expecting to be able to see round and look at the two locomotives.  While we greatly appreciate the interest the...

Roller bearings ordered for No....

24 October 2014

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

The roller bearings for new Gresley class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales have been ordered from Timken and are expected to be delivered in mid 2015. Following the success and reliability that Tornado...