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Darlington Locomotive Works 2

2 Aug 2022 Tuesday

We are delighted to bring you a regularly updated review of progress from the construction of our new 'home' in Darlington.

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Tornado, Prince of Wales, Anon


Early in 2021 Darlington Council made public their ambitions for the Railway Heritage Quarter and residents and businesses were invited to have their say on the proposals for the redevelopment of the Head of Steam – Darlington Railway...

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Monobloc Club members visit Howco.

11 Jul 2022 Monday

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On 7th July, members of the Monobloc Club were invited to visit Howco in Irvine to view progress with the construction of No. 2007's cylinder block.

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21 Jun 2022 Tuesday

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Prince of Wales, Our Latest News


Construction of the cylinder block for Prince of Wales has reached a significant milestone. For the first time, the three cylinders have been placed together to check alignment, clearances and to ensure preparations are complete for welding to...

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P2 locomotive and tender frame...

08 January 2021

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Locomotive frames - With the engine’s frames erected, all the major frame stays, brackets, horn blocks, axle boxes & buffers have been cast and fitted using around 1,000 driven bolts.  With the...

Cylinder block update.

01 January 2021

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Alan Parkin has now produced several manufacturing drawings for the approximately 140 individual components which are required to fabricate the cylinder block. At the same time David Elliott is...

Christmas lights! An...

28 December 2020

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

With the system design largely complete the Electrical System Specification has been updated to reflect all the new design elements.  A start has been made on writing the section on standards...

Christmas gifts forged from steel.

23 December 2020

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Second pair of coupling rods delivered for Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive We are extremely pleased to announce that the second pair of machined coupling rods has been delivered to...

Boiler No.1 (or is it No.2?)...

22 December 2020

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Significant progress has been made with all the major components being on hand the first boiler (the spare for Tornado and Prince of Wales) starting to look like a boiler. The boiler for No. 2007...

December 2020

18 December 2020

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