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Our commitment to our new premises includes providing & laying the track for our elements of the site and ensuring its connection to the Network Rail infrastructure.  To that end we acquired around 1,100m of sleepers and 375 sleepers, all of which have been delivered to the site ready for laying.

In parallel, the Trust negotiated with Network Rail to buy 3,600m of rails (1,800 linear metres of track) cascaded from the Northumberland Line Project renewal programme and which will deliver the plain line requirements of the site at a favourable price. 

To cover the cost of materials and transport we are looking to raise £75,000. Any contributions are welcome, but for full club membership the minimum donation is £500, with £750 sponsoring a full 60ft rail with your name going next to that section on the track plan displayed in the new building.



In Autumn 2023, 507 STRE spent a weekend tracklaying, building the initail running line. This training exercise supports their readiness and helps the Trust to reach the important milestone of a main line connection in the coming year. To acheive this, we need your support.