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The Tender Club

How to join The Tender Club – let’s get a tender behind!

A steam locomotive’s tender carries the coal and water essential for its operation. The tender for No. 2007 Prince of Wales is based closely on the tender built for A1 class No. 60163 Tornado. The original P2 tenders were to the 1930s non-corridor design built for the new A3 ‘Pacifics’ being built at that time.

The water capacity of the original design of tender for the Gresley class P2s was 5,000 gallons, which at a typical consumption of 45 gallons per mile would provide a range between water stops of 80 miles (with a safety margin). The tender for Tornado was re-designed to increase the water capacity to 6,250 gallons which increases the range to about 110 miles. The additional water capacity is at the expense of a reduction in coal capacity from 9 tons to 7½ tons.

The tender tank for No. 2007 Prince of Wales is a fully welded structure made from weathering steel (as used on motorway bridges and the Angel of the North) to provide improved resistance to corrosion. The main visible differences with the new tender when compared to that of Tornado is the curving inwards of the side sheets at the front to match the shape of the cab sides, and the extensive use of half round beading along the front and top of the sides and the top of the back of the tank.

In April 2019, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust placed the order to manufacture the tender tank with North View Engineering Solutions of Darlington. The tender tank was delivered to Darlington Locomotive Works (DLW) in April 2020 and following painting is now awaiting installation on the tender frame. The tender frame was built by I D Howitt of Crofton, Wakefield and delivered in June 2024. The four completed wheelsets were delivered to DLW in November 2019 from South Devon Railway Engineering where they were assembled. Now we have the major components, assembly is required, including the installation of pipework and conduits.

Following the success of The Founders Club (to get the project to the point of cutting the frames), The Boiler Club (to fund the construction of the boiler), The Mikado Club (to wheel the locomotive), The Cylinder Club (to make the cylinder block), The Motion Club (to fund the heavy motion) and the Dedicated Donations scheme the Trust decided to establish The Tender Club to raise an estimated £450,000 required to manufacture No. 2007’s tender from 250 supporters each donating £1,500 (plus Gift Aid) to the project in up to 15 payments of £100. You can download The Tender Club leaflet here.

Special benefits for members of The Tender Club:

  • Opportunity to buy ticket (seat already reserved) on one of the first trains hauled by No. 2007 Prince of Wales
  • Reasonable access to No. 2007 at all times
  • Opportunity to buy exclusive Tender Club badge
  • Opportunity to join one of the teams building No. 2007
  • First choice of other components to sponsor
  • Special supporters’ day with Tornado
  • Special limited-edition print of Stephen Bainbridge’s ‘Locomotives of the future’ painting.

The Tender Club has got off to a rather slow start which is in stark contrast to the tender’s construction! With a fair wind we should have a complete tender behind the engine in Darlington Locomotive Works in the summer of 2025. However, to make this happen we need many more people to get on board The Tender Club.

If you would like to support No. 2007 Prince of Wales by joining The Tender Club then please either complete the on-line forms in section 1 or download the forms in section 2 below:

Section 1: on-line donation

I would like to donate £1,500 to become a member of The Tender Club for Gresley class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales:

  • A single donation of £1,500.00
  • 5 monthly donations of £300.00
  • 10 monthly donations of £150.00
  • 15 monthly donations of £100.00

May we also draw your attention to the Trust’s privacy policy which details the manner in which we treat any personal data that you send us. Please also print this out and read carefully.

Section 2: download the forms

If you would like to support No. 2007 by joining The Tender Club by post then the form below will enable you to do so. 

Please DOWNLOAD, print out, complete and return it to us at the address shown.

May we also draw your attention to the Trust’s privacy policy which details the manner in which we treat any personal data that you send us. Please also print this out and read carefully.

Section 3: recruit a friend

You can see full details of The Tender Club here – please share this with your friends!

This club is raising funds for the manufacture of the tender for the new Gresley class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales. If there are surplus funds left over following the manufacture of the tender, we will use the money to purchase or manufacture other components for the Gresley class P2 that the charity would not otherwise have.