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21 June 2022

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Construction of the cylinder block for Prince of Wales has reached a significant milestone. For the first time, the three cylinders have been placed together to check alignment, clearances and to...

Spring 2022

31 May 2022

The Communication Cord, The Communication Cord, The Communication Cord

Introducing 21st Century Steam...

25 May 2022

Our Latest News

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust is delighted to introduce the new name for its railtours business: 21st Century Steam Ltd.

Overhaul over-run explained

13 May 2022

Our Latest News

Tornado’s overhaul programme is running slightly later than expected. This is focussed in three main areas. The boiler will be back around the end of May, rather than the beginning....

Early May overhaul news –...

08 May 2022

Our Latest News

Tornado’s atomisers are in the process of been overhauled at Darlington Locomotive Works (DLW). This is a very small and fiddly but necessary time-consuming job.  The atomisers are...

Work starts on DLW2!

08 May 2022

Our Latest News

Wasting no time, Darlington Council has started work on the site of the new Darlington Locomotive Works (DLW2) in Bonomi Way, adjacent to North Road Railway Station.  The first job was to...