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It is recognised that the constant movement of large steam locomotives on the back of road vehicles is not conducive to their health given the unnatural stresses placed on the frames from the loading and unloading process and that's why we view the track infrastructure we have committed to at Darlingotn Locomotive Works as being as important for the engines as is the normal maintenance regime.  The mainline connection directly onto the Bishop Auckland branch, on the route of the original 1825 Stockton and Darlington Railway, will fulfil this need and also allow DLW to be able to offer servicing facilities for other locomotives visiting the area.

Our plan for the delivery of this infrastructure is well advanced, including the acquisition and stockpiling of rails, sleepers, and track fittings, but we have a need for considerable amounts of ballast.  The Army has very kindly been involved in the initial tracklaying project and are due to return in June, but for this visit to be productive we need to have brought in circa 2,000 tonnes of ballast, the total amount required for the whole project being 6,000 tonnes.  We have managed to agree an exceptional deal of £22.50 per tonne including transport from a quarry in Leyburn, and for those with knowledge of the aggregates sector, you will identify that this is indeed a fantastic price.  It will be delivered in 28 tonne loads, at a cost of £630 per load.  Our immediate requirement is for 2,000 tonnes, with the balance to be resourced as a subsequent phase.


The ball has already been set rolling with generous contributions meaning we have already secured funding for over 500 tonnes of ballast, so well on our way, and we would of course recognise your contribution to this important project.

The main incentive for completing this undertaking is to help maintain our engines in excellent condition by significantly reducing the number of occasions we have to use road transport and is an essential component in delivering our vision for the Trust. We hope that you will support us in this endeavour.

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