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The P-Way Gang

Timelapse of the Move to the New Works - May 2023

In May 2023, the Trust moved into a brand new, purpose-built locomotive works within the Darlington Railway Heritage Quarter (“DRHQ”).  Owned by Darlington Borough Council and funded by the Council as well as TVCA and Central Government grants, the £4.5m building will provide many of the facilities that we require for building and operating our steam locomotives.  For the new building to reach its potential, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust needs to procure and lay track around the building. This will see that the site has a main line rail connection, running track, inspection pits and more.  Such features will future-proof the activity of the Trust.  Our contribution to the overall scheme will ensure a long term home for the Trust at a 'Peppercorn' rent for many, many years to come.

There will be three phases for fundraising, the first for the running line, allowing movement around the site and live steam rides.  On the eve of the Stockton and Darlington bicentennial, we ask that you consider supporting this project as its legacy will live on to ensure the future of new build steam in Darlington and ensuring that the DRHQ functions as a live steam destination for the UK, as well as a national & international visitor centre. 

No. 2007 Prince of Wales outside the new Works


Join the P-Way Gang

Support the Trust in laying the track required for moving our locomotives in, out and around the site.

A "permanent way gang" is a long standing term for track workers and engineers, and honouring that tradition, we ask you to make a contribution to join our P-Way Gang. Over the next couple of years, we hope to realise the potential of our new home with a main line connection and running lines around the site. Fundraising for this activity will be in a number of phases, the first for rails and sleepers, the second for ballast, and ultimately we hope to raise sufficient funds to build a turntable and revolutionise our capabilities.



Raising £75,000 to purchase and transport the rails and sleepers for the new Darlington Locomotive Works. Join The P-Way Gang by donating £500 or £750 to support our efforts to establish a main line connection.

Phase two - ballast

Phase two - ballast

In total, we require 6,000 tonnes of ballast for the track around the site, with an immediate need for 2,000. We have negotiated a remarkable deal for ballast from a local quary. Help us on our way to a main line connection by sponsoring a 28tonne wagon load!