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The A1SLT announces its next...

31 March 2016

Tornado, Our Latest News

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust is tdelighted to announce that it will build a new Gresley class J38 0-6-0, this time breaking with its tradition of giving its new locomotives new numbers and...

The P2SLC launches The Mikado Club

29 March 2016

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Today we have launched The Mikado Club to wheel No. 2007.  Following the success of The Founders Club (to get the project to the point of cutting the frames) and The Boiler Club (to fund the...

Easter at Didcot

22 March 2016

Tornado, Our Latest News

Tornado is at Didcot over Easter from 25th - 28th March and Founders, Covenantors and Boiler Club supporters of the A1SLT and P2SLC can get in for the reduced entrance fee of £5.00 (normal price...

December 2015

14 March 2016

Mikado Messenger

'The Harwich Pullman'

14 March 2016

Tornado, Our Latest News

The original 'Winton Train' commemoration in 2009 - Tony Lord On 31st December 1938 a 29-year-old stock broker, Nicholas Winton, boarded a plane to Prague, having just taken a decision to...

February 2016

05 March 2016

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