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Frequently Asked Questions

and top tips for traveling with Tornado.

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Q. When will I receive my tickets?

A. As we receive timings from Network Rail approximately 10 days before a tour, we endeavour to dispatch tickets as soon as possible. This is about a week before the tour. Should they not arrive before you travel, passengers may use the booking confirmation emails or letters they have received. Stewards have lists of passengers and seating plans and will direct passengers to their seats. We welcome calls to confirm timings and platforms.


Q. When will I know the exact times?

A. We receive timings from Network Rail approximately 10 days before a tour. These can be subject to change for operational reasons beyond our control. We advise that you arrive in good time in case the departure platform has had to change. It is for this reason that we cannot give an exact arrival or departure time from the destination.


Q. Can I request window seats?

A. We endeavour to assign single travellers a window seat and if two passengers book, one will be assigned a window seat and the other an aisle seat.


Q. Will I be facing forwards or backwards?

A. For operational reasons, we cannot guarantee which way the coaches will be facing, therefore seat lettered with a B (eg 1B) will not necessarily be backward facing for all/ some of the journey and the same applies to F (eg 1F) lettered seats. If travel sickness is an issue, then booking a table for two would enable one passenger to choose to be forward or backward facing. *Tables for two are our most popular option so we recommend early booking. NB they are only available in First Class and Premier Dining.


Q. Can you tell me what time Tornado will be passing through (station ...)

A. We cannot advise times as various things can affect the running of trains, similar to any other form of transport. We advise looking on our Facebook page.


Q. I have accessibility needs – can I still travel with Tornado?

A. Our coaches are heritage stock and passengers need to be able to step up two steps without assistance. We cannot guarantee that we will have staff to assist with embarking and disembarking from the trains. Railway stations have a service whereby you can book special assistance- it is your responsibility to book this service at your departure and arrival stations with provisional times.


Q. Can I take my wheelchair?

A. Yes. Please advise us when you book so that we can make provision for the chair to be stored.


Q. What food is available on board?

A. Food and drink can be purchased from the on board buffet. This offers snacks such as bacon sandwiches in a morning, and crisps and chocolate bars also. Passengers in First Class and Standard Class may wish to bring a picnic. Passengers in Premier Dining will be catered for throughout the journey. Hot drinks and light snacks are provided in First Class including pastries and biscuits. No food is included as part of the Standard Class ticket.


Q. What drinks are available on board?

A. Hot drinks are provided throughout the journey in First Class and Premier Dining. Passengers (over the age of 18) in Premier Dining may wish to purchase alcohol from the wine list available.

Passengers in Standard and First Class are welcome to bring their own drinks, however the buffet stocks a good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Q. Are there concessions rates or discounts for one way travel?

A. Our tours are priced as one return fare per class. We are not able to offer concessions for OAPs, carers, or one-way travel.

Premier Dining is recommended for over 14s due to the nature of the dining experience.

As a general rule we do not offer children’s tickets, however there may be family/child’s tickets become available in Standard Class on ‘The Aberdonian’ trains.


Q. Is there a dress code in Premier Dining?

A. There is no set dress code but most passengers choose smart/casual attire.


Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. In general, dogs are not permitted aboard, however service dogs may travel with their owner on any train.

On ‘The Aberdonian’ trains only, small, well behaved dogs can travel free of charge in Standard Class. Please tell us of your intention to bring your four legged friend when you book. (By small, we require that fit under the table or on a lap so that the dog does not block the aisle or disturb other passengers.) Larger dogs can travel but would require their own ticket to allow space. Additionally, if you have an allergy or phobia, please let us know when you book so that we can allocate seats accordingly.


We hope the above is helpful. Any information we supply is given in good faith, to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing and doesn’t supersede our T&Cs.

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