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Darlington Locomotive Works 2

2 Aug 2022 Tuesday

We are delighted to bring you a regularly updated review of progress from the construction of our new 'home' in Darlington.

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Tornado, Prince of Wales, Anon


Early in 2021 Darlington Council made public their ambitions for the Railway Heritage Quarter and residents and businesses were invited to have their say on the proposals for the redevelopment of the Head of Steam – Darlington Railway...

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Building up steam for the V4

11 Feb 2021 Thursday

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Anon, Our Latest News


Drawings being scanned for new Gresley class V4 on 80th anniversary of unveiling of prototype The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (A1SLT) today announced that Cleardata, a leading document management company, has started the scanning of 366 of the...

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18 Nov 2020 Wednesday

News Editor

Anon, Our Latest News


SUPPORTING OUR BIRTHDAY APPEALS It’s hard to believe that it is now 30 years since The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust was formed to build a new Peppercorn class A1 ‘Pacific’. The original A1s were built by British Railways in...

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Our Latest News

Monobloc Club members visit Howco.

11 July 2022

Our Latest News

On 7th July, members of the Monobloc Club were invited to visit Howco in Irvine to view progress with the construction of No. 2007's cylinder block.


21 June 2022

Prince of Wales, Our Latest News

Construction of the cylinder block for Prince of Wales has reached a significant milestone. For the first time, the three cylinders have been placed together to check alignment, clearances and to...

Work starts on DLW2!

08 May 2022

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Wasting no time, Darlington Council has started work on the site of the new Darlington Locomotive Works (DLW2) in Bonomi Way, adjacent to North Road Railway Station.  The first job was to...

Cylinder Club re-launched as...

22 April 2022

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Launched in July 2021, ‘The Cylinder Manufacturing Club’ has been now been renamed ‘The Monobloc Club’.   This is a shift in focus to draw attention to unique...

Getting certified

01 April 2022

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Whilst the latest exciting news of bright, shiny components being added to the locomotive rightly makes the headlines, in the background, work is quietly progressing to secure the necessary...

New cylinders on the block!

28 March 2022

Our Latest News

Work on the cylinder block for the P2 continues at Howco in Irvine, Scotland. This week we received the following images, updating us on how things are progressing, ahead of the engineering team...