Honorary Positions

David Champion –

Peter Townend

Ben Godfrey

The Board

P2 Project Director
Mark Allatt –

Operations Director
Graeme Bunker-James –

Company Secretary
David Burgess –

Director of Engineering
David Elliott –

Publications Director
Graham Langer – 

Electricals Director
Rob Morland –

Chris Walker –

Advisors to the Board

Richard Peck –

Quality & Certification Director
Graham Nicholas – 
Sophie Bunker-James –

Property Manager
Paul Bruce –

Administration team

Office Manager
Gemma Braithwaite –

Merchandise/Stewards Volunteer Co-ordinator
Mark Grant –

Support Crew Co-ordinator
Huw Parker –

Marketing team 

Head of Fundraising, Marketing & PR
Mark Allatt –

Railtour Marketing
Sophie James –

Merchandise Licensing
Gemma Braithwaite –

Website Editor
Graham Langer –

Mark Lord

Image Managers
Tony Watson – & Chris Woodcock –

Works Visits Manager
Charles Tremeer –

Presentations Co-ordinator
Chris Ardy –