How you can Help

This project, alone among many such ‘new build’ projects that have been launched, was finally completed in 2008. Over £3 million was raised to build Tornado. By 2014 the Trust had repaid all of the £1m debt needed to complete Tornado and funded the conversion of BR Mk 1 BCK E21249 into her support coach. However, the tender was owned by William Cook Cast Products Ltd (the Trust’s Principal Sponsor) as chairman Andrew Cook kindly offered to fund the construction of the tender in 2006, allowing funds being raised to be spent on the engine. The tender was leased to the Trust under a fifteen year loan agreement which was due to end in 2021, however, the success of the ‘163 Pacifics Club’ provided the funds to repay this in 2018.  The continuing support of covenantors ensures that there is money in the kitty for when the locomotive needs intermediate or heavy overhauls.

Support us

Tornado’s entry into main line service has been a huge success and this is reflected in the continued inflow of funds. This has been achieved primarily through the simple but effective device of getting people to pay small amounts regularly; specifically, £10 or multiples of £10 every month although other fundraising schemes are also now in place.  For further information download our regular donation/covenant scheme leaflet here.

Legacy Giving

A further way you can help is by establishing a Legacy. Click on the Establish a Legacy link on the right hand menu to read about how you can do this with complete confidentiality.

Presentations and Events

As part of our ongoing Educational remit, we have speakers nationwide who can offer a fascinating Lecture with a digital media Presentation to interested groups about our work, and how Tornado and now also The Prince of Wales came to be. A suggested minimum donation for one of these talks is most appreciated. Just click  Attending Presentations  to see our forthcoming Events and Lecture dates plus further information on how to book a speaker or to attend one as many of the talks are free and open to the public. We can promise that From Dream to Steam, The Tornado Story will provide a most interesting occasion for your next group or corporate event.