There are many areas where you can help towards the operation of Tornado and the construction of Prince of Wales.

Events and on-train

Enjoy meeting people? Why not take part in one of the exhibitions that the Trust attends?  We have attended many exhibitions and of course the main line operation of Tornado means we need on-train volunteers and support crew.  We’ve also built a team of guides to show people round the Darlington Locomotive Works on open days and when there are special P2 events on. More people are always welcome to help with this – and it’s also a good opportunity to learn more about the Trust.  If you are interested in helping the project in this way, please contact Mark Grant our Volunteer Coordinator, at

The A1SLT stand aboard HMS Prince of Wales during a ‘STEM’ day – Graham Nicholas

Carriage Hosts & Support Team

The Trust has a highly successful on-board team – Carriage Hosts are responsible for the safety of our passengers and provide information about who we are and what we do. The Support Team promote our merchandise and they also attend events with the Trust’s goodies.  The range of Tornado merchandise continually changes and includes books, badges, DVDs and mugs (which can be bought online via this website as well!).  The dedicated group who do this will always welcome new volunteers, particularly if some geographical spread can be added to the mix.  Again, contact Mark Grant if you think you can help.


We have a regular group of people who come to the Works to help with all kinds of jobs, and we would welcome new members to this group.  The group has worked on a variety of projects associated with the construction of the Tornado and are now working on Prince of Wales.