Barry Wilson

Barry was the Finance Director of the Trust from 1994 until 2013 but joined the Trust at its inception. He was one of the first  covenantors and attended the initial launch meeting held at King’s Cross in 1990. Born and raised in Hull he was a keen trainspotter in the 1950s along with many of his generation and naturally developed an interest in all things LNER. On leaving school he qualified as a chartered accountant and it was while on an audit that he met his wife, Linda. They have two sons and two grandsons. Barry’s career eventually led him to work for accountants in Jersey in 1978, later moving into the banking sector until retirement.  Apart from his activities for the Trust Barry was keen on most sports, particularly cricket, soccer and Rugby Union, and played the first two and squash until problems with his knees forced him to give up.

His qualifications and experience made him an ideal person to become the Trust’s financial director and the work he did, though not glamorous or in the public eye, was most crucial to the Trust. The day to day work involved maintaining the books, liaising with the banks, preparing cash forecasts, approving purchase orders, paying bills, raising sales invoices, debt collection and regular reporting to the Trustees. Preparation of annual budgets from information provided by the engineering, marketing and merchandising teams, reporting to HMRC, doing group VAT returns, making bond interest payments, preparation of the annual accounts and liaison with the Trust’s auditors were also part of the regular mix of activities. All these functions increased significantly following the completion of Tornado as there were now two active subsidiary Companies covering operations and merchandising.

Barry came up with the concept of dedicated covenants, which became a major source of donations in the early years of the project, and the idea of raising funds to buy the boiler by the issue of the bearer bond in 2004. This raised enough money for the Trustees to be able to order the boiler, which in turn provided the catalyst for a major surge in covenant income and therefore reduced the time to complete construction significantly. In the early years Barry very generously advanced loans to the Trust and he and Linda purchased and donated the support coach (which was renovated at the Works) to the Trust. As a volunteer he assisted with aspects of construction of Tornado and was also a member of the support crew.

Trust Financial Director, Barry Wilson, Aug 2008