Our mission: “To build and operate a Peppercorn class A1
Pacific steam locomotive for main line and preserved railway use.”

The last of the renowned Peppercorn ‘A1’ steam locomotives was scrapped in 1966, but now a brand new ‘A1’, No. 60163 Tornado, has been brought to life.

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust – a registered charity – has built a completely new ‘A1’ to the original design and with the help of the latest technology. Fitted with additional water capacity and the latest railway safety electronics, Tornado is fully equipped for today’s main line railway.

We have thousands of supporters and the backing of the best of British business – including William Cook Cast Products, Rolls-Royce, Corus and BAe Systems – helping to raise the £3m needed to complete Tornado.

Tornado made its first public moves in steam in August 2008. However, for the locomotive to have an assured future on the main line we need your help – and you can still come on board for the price of a pint!

That was our concept when we launched the project to build Tornado in 1990. Supporters could covenant (donate) just the monthly equivalent of the price of a pint of beer per week (then £1.25 a pint in the North East!). Much of the locomotive has been funded by this means.

Although Deeds of Covenant have now been replaced by Gift Aid, the Trust is still able to claim back from the Inland Revenue the income/capital gains tax that you have paid on your donations. For every £10.00 that you donate, the Trust could claim an additional £2.50, making your contribution worth £12.50. By becoming a regular donor you can play your part in making history.


Covenantors with ‘their’ locomotive at the 2011 Convention at Barrow Hill Roundhouse – Ken Horan