Overhaul over-run explained

Tornado’s overhaul programme is running slightly later than expected. This is focussed in three main areas. The boiler will be back around the end of May, rather than the beginning. This is due to additional work being required on the firebox tubeplate and on the platework near the foundation ring. This is not unexpected on a boiler that has been very busy for nearly 14 years.

We have also found more works needed on the locomotive frames. This is now all but complete, with the final fitted bolts going in and painting and reassembly getting underway. We are also awaiting confirmation of the driving wheels being delivered back to us. All the other wheel sets are now back at Loughborough.

The brake stretcher back in place – Richard Pearson

The final area of challenge has been around the enabling works for the ETCS signalling that will, in due course, be essential for operations into and out of King’s Cross. The design work in this area is running behind, but the good news is that it is nearly finished and physical works are underway.

The team have already achieved a substantial amount of work and all efforts concentrate on getting Tornado back on the mainline. Sadly, this is impacting the diary and we have had to cancel ‘The Fen and Fells Flyer’, although we do hope to run that train in 2023. We are also postponing ‘The Yorkshire Pullman’ to April 2023.

All the above has resulted in us drawing on our reserves, so if you are able to help, perhaps by joining ‘The Overhaul Club’ or increasing your covenant, it all makes an important difference.