Early May overhaul news – Loughborough

In Loughborough, at Locomotive Maintenance Services, work is continuing to ready Tornado for receipt of the larger components being overhauled in various locations, such as the boiler which returns later this month. This now sees parts of the locomotive being painted and lined ready for the locomotive to roll out in her iconic apple green livery.  Photos by Richard Pearson.

Alex Burnside of GCR Plc engineering department is seen preparing the bogie and Cartazzi wheelsets for further painting prior to lining out.

Sarah Jarman of Sarah Jarman Art starts the long task of lining all the components to restore the locomotive to apple green.

New roller bearings are being fitted to the tender wheelsets from spares stock as the originals required overhaul since (due to issues with supply) there were no seals available for this work.

The cylinder block has been needle-gunned by Ian Greenan and painted ready for the lagging and cladding to be fitted.

One of the most time consuming and labour intensive jobs has been refitting the brake stretcher. This is now re-fitted with new bolts.

In the tender coal space, an area that is always prone to corrosion, new lower coal space upright gussets have replaced the rotten sections.