April update from Loughborough

Work on Tornado’s overhaul by the team at Locomotive Maintenance services (LMS) continues in Loughborough.

The locomotive has been stripped down to the frames which dominate the workshop, with the tender situated adjacent. The photos below document progress to date.

If you are interested in contributing to the overhaul of No.60163 Tornado, please click here to find out more.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (NDT) being undertaken on all drawgear components.

Tender brakegear after shot-blasting, NDT and being painted prior to new bushes and pins as required.

Bogie frame stripped of all components and now in the process of axle box horn works to remove wear on horn faces. Now in the process of being painted prior to dispatch for machining work.

Driver’s side tender locker undergoing extension to improve usability with the additional ETCS equipment to be installed into the fireman’s side locker. Tender brake locker being modified to improve the fit of components also part of the ETCS works.

Engine brake stretcher and boiler support refitted after removal following repairs to various mounting points. Shot-blasted, NDT, repaired, retested and now painted into primer and refitted. Now in the process of having all the mounting holes reamed and new bolts made.

Bogie spring adjusters, engine and tender brake gear components after shot-blasting, NDT and repairs as required. Now ready for refitting.

Bogie wheels after re-profiling at SDR(E). Now cannon boxes stripped for bearing examination and grease refreshing.

Bogie wheel set being stripped and cleaned ready for external bearing assessment works prior to reassembly.

Our Overhaul Club is funding much of this work; click here to find out more.