Tornado Overhaul Campaign – The Overhaul Club

It is recognised that steam locomotives, like teenagers, are expensive creatures and so it follows that Tornado is no different! Now in her 13th year in steam, No.60163 Tornado is due to undergo an intermediate overhaul. To help fund this engineering work, we are launching ‘The Overhaul Club’ to raise a target of £50,000 to supplement the capital already set aside. Donations to this Club will compensate for the interruption to our expected earnings caused by the pandemic. We invite supporters to donate either £500 or £1,000 as a lump sum, or in instalments. Sign up online or download your forms here.

As well as the usual perks of becoming an A1 Steam Locomotive Trust club member, all Overhaul Club members will be entered into a Prize Draw.

Our exclusive prizes include:

  • a behind the scenes visit to the overhaul for a group of 4
  • a footplate ride at a preserved line
  • a ride in the support coach on the mainline
  • a pair of Premier Dining tickets on an A1SLT Railtour
  • a smokebox number plate that Tornado has carried.

Those that donate £1000 will receive 25 entries, and those that donate £500 will each receive 10.

Familiar to the teenage experience, we plan to give the locomotive a full make over before it takes its exams in June. Work to be done includes:

  • Fitting of new boiler
  • New tyres for driving wheels and the tender
  • Machining and fitting of new cylinder liners
  • Preparation for fitment of European Train Control System
  • Plus many other component overhaul, repairs and replacement.

At odds with other guardians of teenagers, we will be delighted to see it smoking at the back of the shed at the end of the day!

All whimsy aside, October marks Tornado no longer being the ‘youngest’ A1, as the locomotive overtakes No.60153 Flamboyant for time spent in traffic. As the engine gets older it will inevitably require more frequent attention from our Maintenance Engineers. We hope that our supporters will recognise this and consider increasing their monthly Covenants, one off donations and bequeaths to ensure that Tornado continues to make history on the mainline.

Ian Greenan works on TornadoCharlotte Graham