Winter maintenance finale and move to York for storage

Here is a final update on Tornado’s winter overhaul by Richard Pearson – all photos by Richard Pearson.

On 17th March, our insurance company issued the new annual boiler insurance certificates, this then enabled Ricardo to renew the engineering acceptance of No. 60163, and with the tour to Edinburgh already cancelled we set about make plans to prepare the engine to move to York for storage.

The engine and support coach passed S-Exam and No.1 exams on 18th March before also passing the West Coast Railway FTR examinations on the morning of 19th March.  The locomotive and coach moved from Leeming Bar through to Castle Hill Junction at Northallerton on the afternoon of 19th March and the engine was then cleaned in the late evening sunshine as seen in the photograph.

On Friday 20th March, after an 04:00hrs start to bring the fire round and complete the oiling up, the West Coast crew arrived at 05:30hrs and, after quick brew, Tornado departed the Wensleydale Railway and headed for York.  On arrival at York the engine was examined and parked inside the preparation bay at the NRM, and the engine will stay there until mainline tours resume.

Tornado’s boiler is blown down at the Wensleydale Railway.

No. 60163 operates a timetabled WR train.

The locomotive prepares to leave the WR.

Time for a final clean round before the main line light engine move from Northallerton.

Ian Greenan and Richard Pearson returned to York to complete some essential tasks which will prevent damage and deterioration of the locomotive whilst it is in store, including:

• Greasing/oiling piston rods and slidebars to prevent damage.
• Withdrawing gland trimmings to prevent build-up of moisture and damage to gland and rods.
• Dosing the boiler with treatment and completely fill the boiler to remove air to help prevent deterioration.
• Emptying and cleaning out the ashpan and firebox to prevent corrosion.
• Sheeting over to protect paintwork from pigeon damage.
• Isolating the support coach electrical equipment.

One of York‘s resident pigeons had found its way into the smoke box and the team also found another two sitting inside the chimney on top of the Kylchap Exhaust pipes!  The paintwork on the boiler has now been cleaned and the engine sheeted over. The chimney has also been covered to prevent any further pigeon access, and the smokebox door has been wedged open slightly to allow air circulation.  They also cleaned the motion to remove all the old oil and dirt, and then fully greased all the polished metal to provide a layer of protection.  We are very grateful to the National Railway Museum for housing Tornado during the current crisis.

Once at York, the motion was thoroughly cleaned…..

…..and then greased.

A squatter!  And the reason we don’t want anymore!

The locomotive was sheeted over…..

….and then parked in the preparation bay for the duration.