Tornado Railtours booking office opens.

There has been an exciting change at our Darlington base as we start taking bookings ‘in house’ for the first time!  Over the past few months our website and in house systems have been upgraded to enable railtour bookings to be processed and administered from Darlington. Siobhan Osborne has joined our full time team at Darlington to lead in this area and provide a great service to our passengers.
There are no major changes to the public side of our website, and for those who prefer to book by phone it’s easy to call 01325 488215.

We have very much enjoyed working with UK Railtours, and we thank John, Liz and the team for all their support. Both their business and ours continues to grow and it is now the right time for us to be self sufficient in this area. This will put us in a good place once we are operating both Tornado and Prince of Wales on the main line in a few year’s time.

We have our wonderful ‘North Briton’ and ‘Aberdonian’ tours available to book and will be launching new tours for later in 2019 shortly. We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon – your ticket helps to keep Tornado operating on the main line.