Board and management changes at the Trust.

The Trustees of The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust would also like to thank Rob Morland for his services to the Trust since 1995. Rob has been a Trustee since 1995 (with a break between 2004 and 2007) but has recently decided that he wishes to step back as a Trustee. He will continue to take a lead on the electrical systems design and maintenance on No. 60163 Tornado and support coach E21249 and the electrical systems design for No. 2007 Prince of Wales. He will also continue as a member of the Tornado Engineering Committee and volunteer as a member of Tornado’s support crew.

Rob was originally responsible for creating and maintaining the Trust’s Project Plan, starting with the very first plan in 1994. In 2006, with the engine in the final stages of construction, Rob began the design of the A1’s electrical system, which he completed the following year. He and Paul Depledge built and installed the complete system on the locomotive and support coach and continue to be responsible for its maintenance and ongoing development. Rob is now leading the electrical work on the P2 along with Alan Parkin and Paul Depledge. Rob is a Chartered Engineer, a European Engineer and is Director of his own company, Astutim Ltd, which helps companies make money out of technology in the field of electronics and mobile communications. He has also been an active footplate volunteer on the Talyllyn Railway for over 40 years, and is related to railway preservation pioneer, the late Tom Rolt.

Rob Morland wiring the auxiliary input/output panel – A1SLT



Chris Walker – Trustee and Finance Director ()

  • Day-to-day book-keeping for A1SLT, TML and TST
  • Verifying and paying supplier invoices
  • Providing management accounting information to the Board
  • VAT returns.

David Burgess – Trustee and Company Secretary ()

  • Company Secretarial and Statutory matters
  • Other administrative functions as necessary.

David Elliott – Trustee and Director of Engineering ()

  • Engineering strategy and implementation
  • Design Authority for Tornado and Prince of Wales
  • Oversight of engineering activity on Tornado and support coach
  • Design and leadership of P2 construction
  • Telling the engineering story – lectures and presentations.

Graeme Bunker-James – Trustee and Commercial Director ()

  • Takes the lead on commercial matters covering A1SLT railtours and key contracts
  • Heading up the Trust’s train project of Mk3 vehicles
  • Helps develop the Trust’s strategy and future planning.

Graham Langer – Trustee and Publications Editor ()

  • Publications editor
  • Websites editor
  • Social media editor/monitor
  • Merchandising overview.

Huw Parker – Trustee and Operations Director ()

  • Responsible for day to day operation of Tornado
  • Close liaison with Commercial and Engineering functions and external stakeholders to ensure the locomotive continues to meet its commitments
  • Royal Navy and Royal Air Force liaison continuing links with RAF Marham and HMS Prince of Wales
  • Project Management advisor.

Mark Allatt – Trustee and P2 Project Director ()

  • P2 Project Director responsible for strategy and the overall management of the project with a personal focus on PR, fundraising and marketing
  • Oversight of and contribute to the rest of the Trust’s PR, marketing and fundraising activities
  • Helps the Trust with its strategic planning across all of its commitments.

Paul Bruce – Trustee and Property Director ()

  • Responsible for property and infrastructure matters at Darlington Locomotive Works
  • The Trust’s lead on developing our new steam facility in Darlington as part of the development of a Railway Heritage Quarter.


Graham Nicholas – Quality & Certification Advisor and Professional Head of Engineering ()

  • Oversee all railway certification and approval activities for Tornado and its support coach to ensure that the Trust complies with all current regulatory requirements to support operation on Network Rail
  • Maintain active communications with the Trust’s certification body (Ricardo Rail), train operator (DB Cargo) and rail regulatory authorities (ORR, RSSB, Network Rail, etc.) in any matters arising involving operation on the Network Rail
  • Maintain and develop the vehicle maintenance instructions for Tornado and the support coach and any related systems (procedures and processes)
  • Chair the new Tornado Engineering Committee to ensure that the systems and processes supporting the maintenance and operation of Tornado and the support coach are adhered to
  • Provide professional engineering support for The P2 Steam Locomotive Company Limited and – in time – The V4 Steam Locomotive Company Limited
  • Provision of route notes for all TST-sponsored railtours.

Richard Peck – Advisor to the Board ()

  • Advisor to the Board with a particular focus on Engineering and Operations
  • Member of The Engineering Committee
  • Active member of Tornado’s support crew.

Rob Morland – Electrical Engineer ()

  • Electrical systems design and maintenance on A1 No. 60163 and coach E21249
  • Electrical systems design for P2
  • Member of the Tornado Engineering Committee
  • Member of Tornado’s support crew.