Repairs update

Repairs continue apace to get Tornado back into traffic. The work to re-bore the valves is complete and manufacture or repair of the necessary new components is well advanced. The nature of the repairs is that much work is undertaken away from the locomotive and reassembly then follows, and we are now moving to complete the reassembly. We hope to have the locomotive in steam by the week of 2nd July when we will run the locomotive in at the Nene Valley Railway and a main line test run will then take place.

All efforts are being expended to return the locomotive to operational duties just as soon as possible. To ensure that the July 10th RAF 100 train runs with steam we have made the necessary arrangements so that LNER A4 60009 Union of South Africa is available to work this train. Whilst we know this will disappoint some, it has taken longer to complete the manufacture of the new crosshead than anticipated and the risk of Tornado not being available is too great to not make a robust alternative plan. We are grateful to John Cameron and his team for making the locomotive available and for Network Rail and DB Cargo for making the necessary arrangements. We will be contacting all passengers in the next week to confirm the change.


The newly completed Combination Lever and Union Link – Leigh Taylor

The lubricator and reservoir ready to be returned to the locomotive – David Wright

Valve head completing final machining ready for ring grooves to be cut – David Wright