Mark Grant

Mark is our Volunteer Coordinator. He is responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient people for each event that The Trust attends, and for the on-board teams that Tornado hauls. He then has to see to it that everyone turns up in the right place at the right time, and that they have their respective duties allocated. He liaises with various key personnel to make sure that all that needs to be in place for a trip/event actually happens. Not always an easy task! Mark also maintains the Volunteer Database.

Recently, he has implemented an online team calendar for our volunteers to sign up for duties. This makes his job of rostering somewhat easier. Along with this, he introduced an instant messaging system. This does away with emails for internal communications, and has streamlined how we contact each other.

Mark is in overall charge of the on-board train operations (Carriage Hosts & Support Team – formally Stewards & Merchandisers) whenever he is on that trip, and also takes on the role of Train Manager as required.

He joined The Trust along with his wife Mandy in October 2013. He has done merchandising and stewarding and helps to promote the P2 project at roadshows and events.

So lots of work for him to do – not forgetting a full time job as a Field Service Technician for Whirlpool – a career he has been in, and with the same company, for 38 years!