Tornado – repair update

Following Tornado’s failure whilst hauling ‘The Ebor Flyer’ investigations have continued and are now drawing to a close. On conclusion of the investigation we will publish an update on the key findings.
Our priority is the investigation, however repair activity is proceeding and we are grateful to those suppliers who have responded swiftly to manufacture new components for the locomotive. We are also grateful to Locomotive Services Ltd and Jeremy Hosking who have loaned components obtained for the overhaul of A2 Blue Peter so as to speed the repairs. We also extend our thanks to DB Cargo for their support in carrying out this investigation.
It is anticipated that repairs will be concluded in June to enable running in activity to commence and a main line test run to take place. Tornado will then pick up its diary in July, commencing with the RAF100 train from Lincoln to London on 10th July.
Operations Director Graeme Bunker-James said ‘We are pleased to say that progress is positive in returning Tornado to operation. We apologise to those who have had their plans disrupted and hope that those affected will be able to travel behind Tornado very soon.’