Motion repair update

No time has been wasted in arranging the forging and machining of the replacement parts for Tornado’s  motion.  Whilst we work hard with our partners to fully understand the causes of the failure on 14/4/18, we have been able to place the order for key new components.  Stephenson Engineering at Atherton have already forged a new combination lever and union link and these are now ready for machining.  Following their very kind offer to lend us replacements parts, David Elliott visited LNWRH at Crewe to look at the equivalent components off Blue Peter and while they are capable of being used the present rate of manufacture of new motion parts means they may not be needed.  We are grateful for the way our friends and industry partners have rallied to help us in this impressive manner and the kind offers of donations by our supporters – the best way you can help Tornado in the long term is to sign up as a Covenantor, you can find out how to do this here.

The billet for the combination lever – David Elliott

The inside union link forging – David Elliott