Volunteers and Tornado – ‘Best of British’

Best of British magazine has named volunteers as the number one thing that makes Britain great, in a list of 250 Things That Make Britain Great, published in its May issue.  The list was compiled with input from readers, contributors and staff to celebrate the 250th issue of the nostalgia magazine. The list also recognises at least 24 charities. Macmillan is the highest ranked charity at number 13, followed by RNLI at 14.  Tornado made it to #31 on the list, ahead of Isambard Kingdom Brunel,  the National Railway Museum and Flying Scotsman!  However, we must pay tribute to our own volunteers, without whom No. 60163 would be able to run and No. 2007 be built.

Simon Stabler, the magazine’s editor, said: “Volunteers are the lifeblood of our communities, just look at the likes of the Royal Voluntary Service whose work at home and in hospitals allows older people to ‘live life happier’, Keep Britain Tidy which help people to show pride in their area and Cancer Research UK whose volunteers in their shops and behind the scenes contribute to the charity’s life-saving research.”

Bob Barton, a regular contributor to the magazine who nominated volunteers for the list, added: “The British are always willing to volunteer. Where would our heritage railways, little museums and parks be without them?”

The top 35 are listed below:

The Queen
Sir David Attenborough
Houses of Parliament
Sir Winston Churchill
The English Language
Village Fetes
Our sense of humour
Fish and Chips
The Great British Breakfast
Macmillan Cancer Support
The Royal National Lifeboat Institute
Red phone boxes
Real ale
The Beatles
Giving up your seat
National Museums
Brilliant architecture
Stunning scenery
The Mini
London Underground
Town and city parks
Dad’s Army
William Shakespeare
The Brompton
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Blackpool trams
Our rich musical heritage

Montage by Mandy Grant