‘Matey’ – one last time

Tornado heads to Cornwall on Spring Bank Holiday and will carry the ‘Matey’ headboard in memory of the late Ray Towell.  Ray had a house in Cornwall and always felt a strong pull to the west, reached by his beloved Great Western. Many a time he would journey west to spend time relaxing and recharging in the splendour Cornwall has to offer.
It is likely that this will be the third and last time the Matey headboard is carried by Tornado; the previous times being the first trip after Ray passed and the 100mph test run in April 2017. It will be retired and displayed in the support coach as a reminder of a gentleman who taught many of the A1 team how to run mainline steam and helped deliver Tornado onto the mainline in 2008.
02041603 - Winchfield - Andrew Shapland
Tornado is seen at Winchfield bearing the ‘Matey’ code and headboard – Andrew Shapland