12th April – 100mph on the East Coast Main Line

Pre-flight checks!  Jim Smith and Rob Morland oversee matters – Graham Langer

Rob Morland supervises the installation of a mini-cam – Graham Langer

The mini-cam in place – Graham Langer

Tom Ingall of the BBC filmed proceedings – Graham Langer

The middle big-end was fitted with a heat sensor, the display visible from the cab – Graham Langer

Heading north for a date with destiny – Robin Coombes

Ready for the off!  100mph here we come! – Graham Langer

On the return run from Newcastle the GPS registered the magic ton – Graham Langer

The speedometer in the cab was also reading 100mph! – Graham Langer

The footplate crew, Graeme Bunker-James, David Proctor, Steve Hanczar and Jim Smith – Graham Langer

The support crew, DB Cargo staff and members of the Trust – Graham Langer