03181501DLW JW

The tender is now lettered and the black lining applied – John Wilkinson

03181502DLW JW

 Ian Matthews has also commenced the application of the white lining – John Wilkinson

03181503DLW JW

Various components are laid out for the paint to harden before reassembly – John Wilkinson

03181504DLW JW

The valve gear is being reassembled as much as possible – John Wilkinson

03191502DLW JW

The legend ‘British Railways’ on the fireman’s side has been enhanced by lining out in black – John Wilkinson

 03191503DLW JW

Tom Snowball and Mick Robinson refitting the water valves and feed pipes to the injectors – John Wilkinson

 03191504DLW JW

Ian Matthews (aka Rembrandt) lines out the lettering on the Driver’s side of the tender – John Wilkinson