03161501DLW JW

Gemma Braithwaite using her sewing skills to repair an air brake cylinder dust cover – John Wilkinson

03161502DLW JW

Ian Matthews chalking out the word ‘BRITISH’ on the tender – John Wilkinson

03161503DLW JW

The freshly applied Apple Green paint is being lined out – John Wilkinson

03161504DLW JW

The freshly applied Apple Green top coat – John Wilkinson

03161508DLW JW

The word ‘BRITISH’ chalked out on the tender side – John Wilkinson

03161505DLW JW

The bogie being rebuilt after component refurbishment, one of the radius rods rods on top – John Wilkinson

03161506DLW JW

Two of the radius rods returned from refurbishing at M Machine, Darlington – John Wilkinson

03161507DLW JW

Two non return valves for the air brake system refurbished by Railway Brake Services Ltd – John Wilkinson