02231501DLW JW

The administrative effort is as crucial to the success of the Intermediate Overhaul as the mechanical effort, Gemma Braithwaite managing the mountain of paperwork running a steam locomotive generates – John Wilkinson

02231502DLW JW

50 shades of tender paint! Ian Matthews reveals the various liveries preparing the tender – John Wilkinson

02231504DLW JW

Nik Proctor cleaning the residue of six years running from underneath the tender – John Wilkinson

02231505DLW JW

A David Elliott designed patent cutter, manufactured by M Machine of Darlington – John Wilkinson

02231506DLW JW

David Elliott, Mick Robinson and Dave Anderson making the first cut with the new cutter – John Wilkinson

02231507DLW JW

The cutter in close up – John Wilkinson

02231509DLW JW

David Elliott inspects the first cut – John Wilkinson

02231512DLW JW

Mick Robinson takes the final cut on the first steam pipe to be refurbished – John Wilkinson