Graham Langer

Graham is responsible for the day to day maintenance and editing of the A1 website, managing The Trust Facebook page and editing ‘The Communication Cord’ and ‘The Tornado Telegraph’, ensuring that The Trust’s primary points of contact for covenantors and the public are kept up to date.  He also edits the P2 website and Facebook page and the P2 bulletin ‘The Mikado Messsenger’.  Graham started working with steam on the fledgling K&ESR before getting involved with the de Glehn compound when it was based on the Nene Valley Railway.  A career in the wine trade was followed by a shift back to his real interest in life and he is now general manager at Accucraft, a firm producing small scale live steam engines for garden railways.  He is also an occasional member of Tornado’s support crew to ensure he doesn’t spend his whole life at a computer!  When not immersed in steam he tries to spend as much time on horseback as possible.