Rob Morland

Rob was originally responsible for creating and maintaining the Trust’s Project Plan, starting with the very first plan in 1994.  In 2006, with the engine in the final stages of construction, Rob began the design of the A1’s electrical system, which he completed the following year.  He and Paul Depledge built and installed the complete system on the engine and are now responsible for its maintenance and ongoing development.  Rob is now leading the electrical work on the P2 along with Alan Parkin and Paul Depledge.  Rob is a Chartered Engineer, a European Engineer and is Director of his own company, Astutim Ltd, which helps companies make money out of technology in the field of electronics and mobile communications.  He has also been an active footplate volunteer on the Talyllyn Railway for over 40 years, and is related to railway preservation pioneer, the late Tom Rolt.