David Burgess


David is responsible for the statutory and administrative affairs of the Trust and its associated companies and for the preparation and organisation of board and other meetings.  David was a Chartered Secretary and has recently retired after more than 20 years working in the finance industry.  A stalwart supporter of The Trust, he also spends time on the support crew.

David has been Company Secretary of the Trust since 2001 and a Trustee since 2002. Born in Mitcham, Surrey in 1948 he was brought up in south London and was fascinated by trains almost from birth according to his mother.  On leaving school he had an unspectacular career for 20 years in the administrative side of the oil contracting industry but did qualify as a Company Secretary. Upon moving to Guernsey in 1989 he worked in the finance industry in Trust and Company Administration, retiring in 2011.

David has been a covenantor since 1994 .  When the Trust was seeking someone to replace Wreford Voge as Secretary of the Trust because of his declining health David stuck his head over the parapet and was appointed.  Since becoming Secretary he has also been appointed a Trustee and his work has increased significantly over the years. David says that because of the way the Trust is structured, much of his work is done from home using email as the main form of communication which works well considering those involved live all over the country. He admits to being the least well known of all the Trustees as his work is largely in the background and covers not just the formal role of Secretary but such areas as insurances, purchasing and accounting functions, and all the boring but essential work that any organisation has to cover, but no one really wants to do.  He has been a member of the support  crew for some years and that provides the antidote to the administrative work.