Sponsor Tornado for the First Turn of the Wheels

Some significant milestones in the history of the project:

  • Letter to magazine – Mike Wilson wrote to Steam Railway News – April 1990.
  • Public meeting – The Railway Institute, York – April 1990.
  • First drawing scanned – Easter Tuesday 1993 at the National Railway Museum.
  • Laying the frames – Completed in April 1994.
  • First Convention – Hall Cross Comprehensive School, Doncaster – September 1994 with 210 attending.
  • Wheels cast – First two driving wheels cast in December 1994.
  • Tornado name chosen – 5th January 1995.
  • Cylinders cast – The first cylinder casting (the inside one) was completed on 30th June 1995.
  • Move to Darlington – Operational in September 1997.
  • First motion forged – summer 1999.
  • Ordering the boiler – Contract with Dampflowkerk Meiningen signed in January 2005.
  • Steam test successfully completed – January 2008.

And soon probably the most momentous of all:

The first turn of Tornado’s wheels under her own power

This will take place in spring 2008. Why not be part of this most historic, and defining, moment in the history of the magnificent project to build a new steam locomotive for the main line ?

We are offering the opportunity to be part of the sponsorship for the first turn of the wheels. With a donation of £25 you can have your name – or the name of someone you love, or care for, or a friend – on a certificate that will record the moment when Tornado first moved under her own power. The sponsorship is available for each set of wheels. Download the form from here

As part of the celebration of the first movement of Tornado under her own steam, the Trust will present to one of our supporters an inexpensive, appropriate – and unrepeatable – memento of the occasion. All the forms that we receive will be put in the hat.

A similar memento will be produced and presented to someonewho celebrates a special occasion on the day that the wheels first turn – this could be the birth of a child, grandchild or great grandchild, a significant wedding anniversary or a wedding, or a significant birthday. Details of how you can participate in this – free – draw will be published once we know the date of the “First Turn of the Wheels”.