Macready’s sponsorship announced


The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, the registered charity which is building the new ex-LNER Class A1 Pacific No. 60163, the first mainline steam locomotive to be built in Britain since 1960, today announced a major sponsorship agreement with Macreadys, the leading steel bar stockholder, part of the steels and engineering division of Glynwed International plc.

Under the agreement, Macreadys will provide The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust with a variety of steels from its wide stock range. The initial delivery, due to take place early in the new year, will comprise bright round bars for use as pins, bushes and shafts on the 50th Class A1 Pacific locomotive

David Champion, Project Manager, A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, commented, “We are delighted to have reached this sponsorship agreement with such a leading and respected company as Macreadys. Thanks to the help that they are giving us in providing engineering steels for the locomotive, we are again able to confirm
that the Trust is on-track for completing No. 60163 in 1998.”

Robert Turner, Marketing Director of Macreadys and Divisional Marketing Director of Glynwed Steels and Engineering added, “Macreadys is pleased to be associated with such an ambitious project as the one to build a brand new mainline steam locomotive in the 1990s. Our agreement to provide sponsorship in-kind is one that is of great benefit to both parties and the finished locomotive will be a tribute both to the hard work of The A1 Steam
Locomotive Trust and the quality of Macreadys steel. It is a sponsorship arrangement that will enable us to demonstrate some of the uses to which our products can be put and one that will play a major part in preserving Britain’s engineering heritage.”

David Champion concluded, “With the backing of both Macreadys and Doncaster Council, and the laying of
No. 60163’s frames in March, 1994 will see a major step forward in the construction of the 50th ex-LNER Class A1 Pacific No. 60163. The Trust has put together the necessary expertise for building steam locomotives and has a dedicated and professional team  we are now seeking more covenantors and sponsors to speed construction.”