Road Show in Farnborough

The A1 Locomotive Project is to hold its next road show at the Railway Enthusiasts’ Club, 103 Hawley Lane, Farnborough, Hants on Friday 27th September at 19:30hrs.

The project is breaking new ground in the field of steam locomotive preservation with the construction of an entirely new main line steam locomotive – the first for over 30 years – hopefully by 1995.

Mark Allatt, co-ordinator of the Farnborough road show said, “It is appropriate that the road show is being held in Farnborough as the locomotive is to be named Tornado as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the Gulf War. After all, British Aerospace, one of the manufacturers of the Tornado fighter, and the RAE, are both based there.

He continued, The money is being raised by many people giving a little on a regular basis – £1.25 a week, less than a pint of beer. By mid-July, only eight months after the fund raising started, the value of covenants, donations and benefits in kind had totalled £460,000.”

During the evening road show there will be a progress report and an opportunity for questions and answers. The speakers will include Ian Wightmore, from the Isle of Wight Railway, and David Elliot, A1 Locomotive Project contracts adviser. Enthusiasts and supporters of the project are most welcome, as are those who are unaware of the project and its aims.